by Cedar Kites

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released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Cedar Kites Buffalo, New York

Cedar Kites was started in the later months of 2012 with a seeming lofty and uncommon goal. Our goal is to create art that is piercingly honest, brashly heartfelt, never compromises; even to the comfort of ourselves and the listener, and speaks truth to the reality of growing up in a world and society that is none of these things. ... more

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Track Name: Listener
Don't say a prayer to send me off. Just close the lid on my pine box. And if you need me, dig me up. I'll hang a while before I rot. I'll be much better at listening. I swear I'll be much better at listening. Don't sing a psalm to save my soul. Because I won't need it in a hole. Everything was so much simpler back then. Now my head's complicated, I'm complicating everything. If it all was printed in black and white; simplified... I guess. But this greyscale never ends. No, it never ends
Track Name: Fortitude
The same thing always makes you think you're empty. The places that we come from always make us feel alone. The clock upon my dresser makes me think about my father. He has time but doesn't keep it well, I think it's in our blood. I don't believe in anything, just a place to lay my head. I don't believe in anything but that next stop to rest my weary legs. Patience is a virtue to live by. But these cloudy days have me questioning; is it fortitude, or are we waiting for nothing? I've got to keep moving. Head first, all the way down. I lost my footing on this wet ground. And lately it's been too safe to say, that all I wanted was a safe place to lay. Nothing is listening. I believe in me. I can only write Exhaustion for so long, before I lose my belief
Track Name: Ouroboros
Would you mind if I took myself off the shelf, before my expiration date runs out? Do you think that I would disappoint my parent companies, or would they be proud? I'd give myself up, before I give way to the circle. I'd give you up, before I give way to the circle. Do you have stock in me? Do you think that I would turn a profit quarterly? Measuring emotion marginally, we're all avoiding bankruptcy. I won't bite my own tail. I won't bite. I won't buy.
Track Name: Numb
Now what are supposed to be? Now that what's in our way is nothing, really. I've grown away. It's all the same, as everything that we didn't mean to be. It's all the same. It's all the same to me. Complacency. A cedar kite sits idly. Is that irony, or just the way it has to be? It could be safety. It could be gluttony. It could be killing me. I think it's just the way it has to be. It's all the same to me. Now what are we supposed to be? Now that what's in our way is nothing, really. I won't be fucking numb.
Track Name: Sleepwalker
I'm not sure of the whole story. Or how we came to be this way. Whole hearted resentment for living out dreams. I could be be wrong, but I'm sure I speak to you best when I sing. I've been talking through wires for oh so long. Breathing through speakers. Speaking through strings. I'm sure I talk to best when I sing. It feels like sleepwalking.
Track Name: Patience and Forgiveness
Patience and forgiveness have betrayed me. Made me question what I hated, and what it means to "be a man". But I'll never forget. Square and measure, keep it level, hold it fast. I've spent years denying likeness to my blood. Accepting traitors in my home, while my father lost a son. A whim, a whiting thought of reality. A moment heading southward, level ever, holding fast. Square and measure, keep it level, hold it fast. I followed my trail of fuck-ups back home. I tried to dig in, but I only sank into my bones.
Track Name: Exhaustion
Dear Exhaustion,
It's just me, writing you again. I've grown tired of your antics, but you're an old, old friend. There was a time when all I wanted in this world was you. Now, all I want I balance, and someone to talk to.